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Personalized Photo Cards are Just Better

9 Mar

Personalized photo cards are the best way to share a memory with those you are reaching out to. Whether you are making an announcement, inviting friends to a party, or letting folks know of a change in your life, a photo and words from your heart will have more impact than a simple “We’re moving” or “Baby’s first birthday.”

Personalized Cards are incredibly easy to design – you can upload photos from your home computer, or import them from Facebook, Flickr, or Photobucket. You can store your photos in an online account, so they’re available for other cards, if you want them.

A simple wizard walks you through the process of creating the card – select photos, your message, fonts and sizes. You can order a single card (Happy Valentine’s Day!) or boxes of a hundred (She’s Getting Married!). By making a personalized photo card, you will be sure that whoever you send the card to will remember it – they’ll be touched if it’s a personal greeting, and they’re more likely to RSVP and attend if it’s an event announcement. We simply pay more attention to those things that are personal.

In addition, if you often forget events and are always scrambling for a card at the last minute – since ordering is easy and online, you could create and order cards for various events long in advance. Go ahead and order cards for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, the Thanksgiving Dinner invitations, and Christmas. Designing cards, putting those personal touches in, is fun, and since you’ve created them, you’re less likely to forget to give them!

In addition to being a nice gift to receive, Elephoto’s custom photo cards are a unique keepsake. Because they are personal, and memorable, they’re more likely to end up in scrapbooks than going in the trash. Your friends and loved ones will know and remember that you care about them, and thought of them on those special occasions. A bland “Happy Birthday Mom” could have been picked up at the grocery store this morning, but a photo of you with your mom on a special occasion on a personalized photo card is going to let her know you really were thinking of her.